A skin top top piece measuring 3.5" x 4". Gorgeous 20" measured from nape of neck, you part where you wish.

  • Adjustable straps for that perfect fit
  • DENSITY: medium to thick
  • LENGTH: 20"

Proper Wig Maintenance:

Human Hair Wigs do not come pre styled. Caring for a wig is not difficult or time consuming. Keeping wigs clean, styled and free of tangles will extend the life of your wig. Be gentle with your wig, it will not regrow any loss of hair so it is important they are brushed and combed with care.

Never brush when wet
Wash with cool water and allow to air dry. Style with low heat settings, high temperatures can damage cap and knots.
Start from bottom and work up toward the scalp when brushing or combing
Use only combs and brushes designed for wigs.
Use wig shampoos and conditioners
Keep wigs on a stand when not being worn and spray with a wig conditioner for daily maintenance.
Wigs do not receive natural oils from your scalp so the are more prone to tangling than natural hair, especially around the collar. Daily brushing and combing any tangles gently from the bottom is the best approach.


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Althea |

I love your company...the quality of your hair and products... this is why I have been your customer for over 10 years. Your products just last and last ...forever. Now I am wearing Alexandria and she is gorgeous, I even sleep in her! I just wrap her up at night, in the morning I just run my hand through her and gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!