Afro Curly Bulk

NEW!  Afro curly Bulk is a great choice for 2-strand twist, micro braids and crochet braids!  Comes in this great curly texture and stays curly. The top 3" is straight and the rest is curly.  Purchase 2 packs and save!

  • Curly Natural Hair
  • 16 inches
  • 2 -3 pkg recommended for a full look

Maintenance:  Wash and Conditioner gently and we recommend air drying your braids.  Hair is 16" long when pulled straight, 12" in it's natural curled state.  As with all curly hair measurements, hair length is measured at it's longest stretched out length.

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Average Review:

Berenice Hatchette-Lumpkins |

I used this hair for micro braids.Its very soft and manegable definately would recommend

Montrey Suddeth |

I'm using hair for micro braids , it's very soft and tangle free I'm enjoying my braiding process would like it longer but I still Love the hair, will recommend this hair.