To Diffuse or Not to Diffuse

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Written by Staleanna Wright

I know not everyone wants to leave the house with wet curly hair. Although it is healthier to let your hair air dry, but there are ways to dry your hair without over processing it with a blow drier. Using a diffuser while drying your hair can decrease frizz, increase shine. It helps defines the curls and add volume.

1. Towel dry your hair
2. Apply your product (leave-in conditioner, curl serums)
3. Attach diffuser to your hair dryer make sure the air flow is low but low, medium or high heat which ever you prefer.
4. Diffuse the hair from the ends bringing the hair up toward the scalp focus on each section for a couple of seconds to define the curls, but be mindful of the temperature.
5. Repeat throughout your hair until the desire dryness is achieved.

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Comment by Sam |

Can you recommend a good styling product to use when blow drying?


Hi Sam,

We use several varieties here at The Hair Factory, one product we like is Super Cream Coconut Curl by DevaCurl, great product with great results!



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