Curly Hair Summertime Tips

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Written by Deborah Moffett

Summertime Curly Hair Tips

Summer is here with a vengence and those temperatures are soaring!  Here at The Hair Factory we are being asked “What is the best treatment for my curly hair?”  This is something everyone struggles with whether it be our natural hair or human hair weaves/extensions. The treatment is basically the same.

Wash and Condition

Wash and condition your curls with moisturizing shampoo and this may mean changing from the brands you use during the colder months. Our hair needs nourishment when it is exposed to extreme heat and humidity. We also suggest using a leave in conditioner to protect the hair from the elements, especially when swimming!

Air Dry

Comb through wet strands with a wide tooth comb and allow to air dry. This is an important step so you maintain your curls without causing too much fizz by working with the hair too much as it dries.

Tie It Up

When that heat is pushing 90 or more, pull those curls up into a clip or high pony and let just a few of those curls fall softly to frame your face. We have a fun collection of head wraps and headbands that are perfect for this look!

For a more in-depth review of how curly hair reacts to the summertime elements, read this great post on CurlyNIkki’s page, Life & Hair Therapy!

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