Curly Hair Doesn't Have to be a Disaster

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By Brittany Headley
Dominica Wave
Dominica Wave

Product:  Dominica Wave 
Recently we had a customer call and she was having issues with her Dominica Wave. She had purchased it about 4 months ago. She said that the hair was tangling, it was matted at the ends and that it was shedding. She could only wear it in a goddess braid in the front because she had her natural hair out. She was hesitant to call us on this matter not sure what the response would be or if we would be able to help her.

I asked her what her what was her daily routine with the hair? I know asking these types of questions can sometimes frustrate the customer but we, as weave technicians, have to make sure we are touching on everything that each customer does because we are not there while they are doing their hair on a daily basis.

So as our conversation goes on she stated that she only uses a leave in conditioner in the morning and that is all she puts on the hair. At this point the curly hair is no longer connected to your scalp naturally so just putting leave in conditioner on any hair, especially if you’re wetting it every day, will dry your hair our completely.

So I suggested her first step to detangling her hair was to put shampoo on the hair enough to coat the hair and comb it from the bottom up. Slowly, and yes this may be a little bit of work but it does save the hair from being wrenched out of the weft and it also saves it from snapping the elasticity in the curl. After combing it out with the shampoo in her hair, I then told her to make sure she washed it thoroughly using her fingers and running them through the hair not in a circular motion. Once she was finished with her washing. I did suggest for her to use the leave-in conditioner and not a lot and scrunch the hair. We talked about a few products for a bit and I suggest the Moroccan Hydrating Styling cream. This is a light based product that you can apply to your hair once it is dry and then style.

Soon after advising our customer we got a happy call back the next day. Her hair was beautiful and that she followed the steps to getting her curly hair back on track! We have been in business for 30 plus years. We are confident in the hair we sell and we will always help with talking about products and new ways to take care of your weaving hair. What will your style be? We can help you choose, we are the Hair Factory Weaveologists!

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