Ebony Curl

Full and curly. Curly hair that looks like a gift from nature. If you want to add more fullness or length to your natural hair, Ebony Curl is a great weaving hair choice. Curls are still when you receive it but after washing the curls soften while still maintaining the curl pattern.

  • Curl - Defined
  • Double Weft
  • Regular Maintenance - Daily Styling, Wrapping
  • 4 oz.

New! You now have the option to have your hair purchase made into a Supreme Magic Hair Kit or Tape-In Hair Kit!. Kit Options are available after hair color and length options have been selected.

Supreme Magic Hair Kit:  A bigger version of our original Magic Hair Kit is now available! Order processing takes 2-4 business days before shipping. Each kit contains:

  • 8" - 14" lengths creates a 9 piece kit: 3 - 8" wide pieces and 6 -5" wide pieces
  • 18" lengths create a 8 piece kit: 2 - 8" wide pieces and 6 5" pieces
  • 20" lengths create a 6 piece kit: 2 8" wide pieces and 4 - 5" pieces

Tape-In Hair:  Great alternative to clip-in hair!  Order processing takes 2-4 business days before shipping.

  • Sold as a custom made set of 40 (1.5 inch wide) tape in sections.


Maintenance: We recommend washing/conditioning, combing with a wide tooth comb and allowing to air dry.

Interested in making the 10" Ebony Curl into a weaving kit?  Click here and get the 10" kit at a special price!

Ebony Curl has been a hair we have offered for over 20 years and is still one of our top sellers.  We love this hair, and with the proper maintenance you will too.  We are offering a FREE* SAMPLE before you purchase to see if it is the right texture for you.

(*Limit one free sample per customer and/or shipping/billing address)



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Average Review:

Tonia Hemmeter |

Ive always purchased my hair through HF but, i think I found a texture that I cant control. The Ebony was so beautiful when first sewn in. But then immediatly after the first wash, the hair knotted at the ends. Before I could even braid it! This was so upsetting. I literally thought I was going to have to cut the knot out! I kept at it and the knot did get smaller and eventually I ended up with a small wad of hair that I just had to rake out. Thank goodness this was in the back and underneath. The curls hide this well, whew! I will not be ordering this again ever!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PARTICULAR HAIR.

Nakia |

second time I have ordered this curl and I am loving it!!! Fine summer hair!

rabel |

I always love curly hair, thought this was perfect, does not have a fuller look when sewn.MATTED AFTER ONE WEEK. So disapointed.I am going to give HF another try with a different hair texture and style.

Kara Michaels |

Ignore the bad reviews - this hair is great for the price. My stylist washes the hair before putting it in, curls are easy and I have never had any issues.

J M |

Nice hair for the cost. I get a good long wear from it but it does take some styling.