Ultra Wave

Soft, deep waves flattering to every face shape. Arrives straight, waves when wet. These curls are a daily maintenance but worth it!

  • Wavy - Tight, Wet & Wavy
  • Thick Weft
  • Regular Maintenance - Daily Styling, Wrapping
  • Full
  • 4 oz.


New! You now have the option to have your hair purchase made into a Supreme Magic Hair Kit or Tape-In Hair Kit!. Kit Options are available after hair color and length options have been selected.


Supreme Magic Hair Kit:  A bigger version of our original Magic Hair Kit is now available! Order processing takes 2-4 business days before shipping. Each kit contains:


  • 8" - 14" lengths creates a 9 piece kit: 3 - 8" wide pieces and 6 -5" wide pieces
  • 18" lengths create a 8 piece kit: 2 - 8" wide pieces and 6 5" pieces
  • 20" lengths create a 6 piece kit: 2 8" wide pieces and 4 - 5" pieces


Tape-In Hair:  Great alternative to clip-in hair!  Order processing takes 2-4 business days before shipping.


  • Sold as a custom made set of 40 (1.5 inch wide) tape in sections.



Maintenance:  Wash and condition your new hair.  We recommend a leave in conditioner with curly hair. Comb through damp hair and allow to hair dry.  You can also use a small amount of non-alcohol based gel mixed with your leave in conditioner to maintain the curls.  As with any human hair, excessive build of product will weigh it down so we recommend you keep your hair clean to enjoy a longer wearing period.


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Average Review:

Betty W. |

I have been wearing the Ultra Wave for about a year I am totally happy with this product it is so easy to manage I have it down to a science. At night I put on a stretchy knit hairnet type cap and in the morning I spritz it with a water bottle and finger comb through the hair I comb the dampened hair. After that, I take a wide tooth comb and the the tangles out very carefully holding the tracks down. I've been using Pantene Truly Natural Hair deep conditioner the kind that helps restore moisture and detangles natural hair I put a quarter size amount on my hands and I rub it all through my hair still using my fingers to detangle and shape concentrating on the ends. I do this procedure everyday and when I want to freshen up I still spritz with a little water and maybe some light olive oil sheen or spray.