Supreme Wet & Wavy

Wavy, natural, versatile French Refined Weaving hair - activate the waves with water; blow dry straight, thermally curl or set in rollers.

  • Wavy - Wet & Wavy
  • Double Weft
  • Regular Maintenance - Daily Styling, Wrapping
  • Extra fullness
  • 4 oz.

New! You now have the option to have your hair purchase made into a Supreme Magic Hair Kit or Tape-In Hair Kit!. Kit Options are available after hair color and length options have been selected.

Supreme Magic Hair Kit:  A bigger version of our original Magic Hair Kit is now available! Order processing takes 2-4 business days before shipping. Each kit contains:

  • 8" - 14" lengths creates a 9 piece kit: 3 - 8" wide pieces and 6 -5" wide pieces
  • 18" lengths create a 8 piece kit: 2 - 8" wide pieces and 6 5" pieces
  • 20" lengths create a 6 piece kit: 2 8" wide pieces and 4 - 5" pieces

Tape-In Hair:  Great alternative to clip-in hair!  Order processing takes 2-4 business days before shipping.

  • Sold as a custom made set of 40 (1.5 inch wide) tape in sections.


Maintenance: We recommend washing/conditioning, combing with a wide tooth comb and allowing to air dry. You can ad product and scrunch if desired but a lot of build up is not healthy for human hair. Enjoy long lasting curls with care and daily maintenance.

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Average Review:

Ms. M |

Deb |

I had this hair installed for 1 week and it became a tangled matted mess. I was ready to take it out when I decided to try the new Wen product I had purchased. Wow what a transformation. The hair became 90% more manageable and I loved it! I was able to leave it in for 2 more months! I suggest sealing the wefts before installing and its an excellent product for the price.

Karen Small |

As a new customer I wanted to try a wavy style weave and I was told this is an entry level cost. Hair is great - love the waves - have had in for 6 weeks now and I am a very satisfied new customer!

Norma Kellogg |

I liked the price and bought this hair, tried a sample first, it is nice hair and is best when I wash and condition then I leave a little leave in conditioner. Staleanna recommended wrapping at night and this has been great advice - like the waves!